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Conclave Registration!


It is that time! The registration for Conclave has launched! Be sure to prepare yourself and your fellow Arrowmen for Conclave 2014 by registering! The price of Conclave has been determined by the COC and we are very excited to be able to provide such a wonderful event at such a low cost to our Arrowmen!

Important :: The registration for Conclave 2014 is free only because the Section does not collect the payment from you directly. It will be up to your Lodge to make this collection. Currently, not all Lodges have solidified a payment method for their Arrowmen. This means that some Arrowmen may be unable to readily process a payment at the time of registration. These payment processes for each Lodge will be released as soon as prepared. When they are released, make sure to make your payment for Conclave as soon as you can! This will solidify your early bird registration and also save you $10! Who doesn't love that?!

We are you are as excited about Conclave as we are!


2013-2014 Section C-6B Officers
Mason, Ben, and Nick


While at Conclave, you will experience fellowship like you never have before. With five other lodges being in attendance, you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with other Arrowmen from many different parts of the state!

What is Conclave?


Just one of the many highlights at Section Conclave is the training! Participants will have the opportunity to take four training sessions during Conclave. Arrowmen who participate are guaranteed to get something out of each training session.

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Be prepared to experience fun on a whole new level. Many new activities and events are planned for Conclave. Some events have never been attempted at a Conclave before. You know the Scout Motto: Be Prepared.

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